1. Oracle (Basics)

2. WEB Intelligence 4.0 (BO4.0 SP2-BI launch pad 4.0)

3. Information Design Tool (BO4.0 SP2)

4. Administration/Security (CCM and CMS)

5. Lifecycle Management

6. Mobility

7. Universe Designer

8. Desktop Intelligence (Basic)

9. Desktop Intelligence (Advanced)

10.Web-Intelligence (INFOVIEW)

11.Web-Intelligence Rich Client XI 3.1/4.0

12.BO Administration (CMC)

13.Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard

14.Integration with SAP BI – BO (OLAP Universe)

15.One Real Time project explanation (End to End)

16.New features of SAP Business Objects 4.0

17.SAP BODS (ETL Tool) Basics


SAP-Crystle Reports XI Beginner


Create a Basic Report

Designing a Basic Report

Create a Report Beyond the Basics

Design a Report Beyond the Basics 1

Design a Report Beyond the Basics 2

Fields/Dimensions/Metrics 1

Fields/Dimensions/Metrics 2

Filtering Data Report Templates Modifying a Report The Cross Tab Report Excel Export

Wrap Up


SAP-Crystle Reports XI Advanced

1. Introduction

2. Review of the Basics

3. Advanced Database Concepts

4. Viewing Your Data

5. Working with SQL

6. Refresher of Formulas

7. Formula Syntax

8. More Formulas

9. SQL

10. Running Totals

11. Custom Functions

12. Performance

13. Design and Creation

14. Refresher on Cross-Tab Reports

15. Subreports

16. Time and Variables

17. Groups

18. Parameters

19. Charts

20. Mapping

21. Other Tips and Tricks

22. Conclusion

23. Credits


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