1. SAP MDM Console:
History Of MDM
MDM Overview
MDM Performance
MDM Components
· Server Components
· Client Components
· Admin Components
Console Introduction
Repository structures
Creating Repository
Slave Repository
Normalize Repository
Compacting Repository
Duplicating Repository
Load Repository with Indices
Appropriate Repository
Update Repository
.A2A files
Archive Repository
Un Archive Repository
MDM Transport Procedure
Export Repository Schema
Import Repository Schema
Working with different types of tables
· Flat
·Special tables
·Object tables
Console Settings
·Creating Users & Roles
·Change tracking
·Remote systems
Console Security
·Repository Level
·Server Level
Repository Administration
Normalize Repository
Compacting Repository
Duplicating Repository
Appropriate Repository
Update Repository
Backup and Restore
Working with master/slave Repository


2.  SAP MDM Data Manager:
Data Manager Overview
MDM Modes:
·Record Mode
·Hierarchy Mode
·Taxonomy Mode
·Match Mode
Free Form Search
Named Searches / Free Form Search
Validations and Assignments
Matching Mode
Match & Merge
Working with Qualifier tables
Working with Images
Check In / Check Outs
SAP MDM Workflow


3.  SAP MDM Import Manager:
·Import Manager Overview
·Configure Import Manager
·Import Map File
·Pre-requisites for Data Import
·Monitoring Import Status
·Performing Data Import
·Table Joins and Lookup
·Splitting fields
·Building Hierarchy
·Partitioning Fields
·Field Mapping/Value Mapping
·Value Conversion
·mdis file
·Batch processing


4.  SAP MDM Syndicator
·Syndicator Overview
·Exporting into diff file formats
·Record Suppression
·Syndication Map
·Maps and Map properties
·Item Mapping
·Destination Items
·Custom Items
·Merge Items
·Syndication Records


5. Overviews:
Master data Consolidation
Central Master Data Management


6. Integration Scenarios:
·XI Integration
·R/3 Communication


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