Basic OOABAP and Advance OOABAP

  • Introduction to OOABAP.
  • Difference between OOABAP and Other Programming Languages.
  • Classes.

Global class

Local class.

  • Instance Components & Static Components
  • Objects & Objects References


Implicit Objects.

Explicit Objects.

Difference b/t Implicit & Explicit Objects.

Garbage Collection.


  • Attributes and Constants

Instance Attributes

Static Attributes

Difference b/n Instance Attributes & Static Attributes.

Using Parameters.( Importing , Exporting, Returning etc.)


  • Methods. ( Local & Global )

Static Method.

Instance Method.

Difference b/n Instance Method & Static Method


  • Constructors. ( Local & Global )

Static Constructor.

Instance Constructor.

Sequence of Constructors Execution

Difference b/t Static & Instance Constructor

  • Destructors.


Inheritance. ( Local & Global )

Single Inheritance.

Multi level Inheritance.

Multiple Inheritance.

Inheritance Hierarchy.

Instance & Static Constructors in Inheritance

Visibility of Static Components in Sub Classes

Visibility of Instance Components in Sub Classes


Polymorphism. ( Local & Global )

Method overloading.

Method overriding.

Redefinition keyword.( Local & Global )

Super keyword.

ME keyword for Self Reference


Abstraction ( Local & Global )

Abstract Methods.

Abstract classes


Interfaces. ( Local & Global )

Composite Interface

Implementation of Interfaces in Local and Global class

Advantage of Interfaces

Difference b/t Abstract class and Interface

Aliases. ( Local & Global )


Final ( Local & Global )

Final Class.

Final Methods.

Friend Class.

Singleton Class.


Type casting.

Narrow casting( Up-Casting )

Wide casting ( Down-Casting )


Event Handling

Static Events, Instance Events


Exception Handling.

Try-catch Block.

Local & Global Exceptions


OOABAP ALV reporting Using Classes & Methods

  • CL_GUI_Custom_Container ,etc Classes
  • Enabling Multiple selection of ALV rows.
  • ALV Cells as Drop Down List
  • ALV Row Coloring
  • ALV Column Coloring
  • ALV Toolbar buttons
  • ALV Columns as Traffic Lights
  • ALV Reporting using Classes with Event Handling.
  • Interactive Events in OOALV
  • Print_Top_of_Page, Print_End_of_Page
  • Print_Top_of_List, Print_End_of_List
  • Button_Click, Double Click
  • Menu_button, User_command
  • Etc. various other Examples on OOALV


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