Implement QM in Discrete Manufacturing

  • Inspection during Production
  • QM in Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Test Equipment Management
  • QI for External Processing
  • Inspection at the end of Production Process
  • Comparison of Manufacturing Types


Implement & Configure Quality Control

  • Dynamic Modification Rules-Uses
  • Quality Control Charts-Plan and Use
  • Quality Score for Inspection Lot-Purpose
  • Effect of Quality on Vendor Evaluation
  • Quality Related Costs
  • Evaluation Options
  • Evaluations for Inspection Results


Implement & Configure Quality Planning

  • Logistics Master Data in Quality Planning
  • Basic Data in Quality Management
  • Structure and Use of Inspection Plans


Implement & Configure Quality Inspection

  • The Inspection Lot
  • Inspection Lot Creation
  • Inspection and Inspection Lot Completion
  • Sample Management
  • Results Recording and Defects Recording
  • Usage of Usage Decision
  • Copy Inspection Results Function


QM in Process Industries

  • PI Sheet
  • Inspection Results Recording at Regular Intervals
  • Process Orders


Integration of QM with S&D and Service

  • Options to use QM Application components in Sales  Processing and Service Areas
  • QM relevant processes for Sales Order and Delivery
  • Usage of Quality Notifications to process Customer Complaints


Integration of QM and MM

  • Procurement Process from a QM perspective
  • Inspection Processing at Goods Receipt
  • Certificate Processing at Goods Receipt
  • Quality Info Records in Procurement
  • Procurement Documents
  • Quality Level and Usage Decisions
  • Configuration and Inspection Specifications


SAP QM Configuration and Organization

Organizational Elements-

  • Client
  • Plants
  • Purchasing Organizations
  • Work Centers
  • Planner Group
  •  Partner

 Main Configurations-

  • QM in Logistics
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Inspections

Main Configurations-

  •  Quality Certificates
  •  Quality Notifications
  •  Quality Control
  •  Test Equipment Management


Audit Management

Components of Audit Management

  •  Worklist
  •  Template List

Planning of an Audit

  • Audit Plan
  •  Question List


Execution of an Audit

  •  Processing Audit
  •  Recording and Confirming Audit Results
  •  Audit Report
  •  Corrective/Preventive Actions

Quality Notifications

  • Definition and Structure of a Notification
  • Usage of Notifications
  • Recording and Processing
  • Notifications in SAP
  • Possible Uses
  • Process of Processing Notifications
  • General Functions of Notifications
  • Notifications in Logistics
  • Notifications in Production


Quality Certificates

  • Planning of Certificates
  • Quality Certificates for Outbound Delivery
  • Receipt of Certificates
  • Issue of Certificates
  • Related Configurations


Sample Management

  • Objects used in Sample Management
  • Sample Management in Inspection Planning
  • Carrying-out Inspection Process using Sample Management


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